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Flat Roof Systems & How They Work

If your a commercial business or a home owner looking to upgrade your roof, then Owyhee might have one of the best solutions for you. Flat roofs are great because they provide space for air conditioning, solar panels, or even a rooftop garden. No matter your situation, we can take a look and come up with a plan that satisfies you and your roofing needs.

“Most people don't know how beneficial a flat roof system can be.”

by Jeff Doan

CEO, Owner & Operator

Flat roofs, despite the name, are actually not flat. They're slightly sloped to allow for proper drainage. The slop itself, is typically only a quarter inch of rise for every 12 inches of distance. This is often referred to as a 1/4:12 pitch

Flat Roofs Are Fantastic For Added Space

If you're in a small lot with not much room to expand, but want to add a garden or solar panels, switching to a flat roof system may be the best option. Many flat roof manufacturers offer guidelines on the processes involved to make this happen. The roof will need to be waterproof and provide water and space for vegetation. Environmental agencies around the world are promoting this idea as the best option for compact urban house design. Not only do you get amazing sunlight and crop production, but the greenery on top also protects and insulates the house from damaging weather and heat.

There are also many solar panel designs that are specifically meant for flat roof setups. With a typical roof, you only get great light for part of the day as the sun moves from the east to the west. However, with a flat roof system, your solar panels are capable of tracking the sun and will continue to face the proper direction until it sets. This not only allows for a lot more captured sunlight, but it also keeps your house much cooler as the panels absorb the solar radiation. On average, you can expect a ~30% decrease in rooftop temperatures.

Flat Roof Systems Last Longer & Are Cooler

Like we mentioned above, the installation of a rooftop garden or solar panel system can drastically reduce your summertime AC bill. It also provides a space for recreation and relaxation, easily adding another couple hundred feet of usable space to your property. Because you're roof will be easier to access and maintain, a typical installation will last over 30 years, 5-10 years longer than your typical roof. It'll also almost NEVER require a full replacement, and minor touch-up work can easily make the roof last well past 30 years of service.

Contact us today to have a qualified professional come out to your property and give you a proper assessment and quote -- we'll provide you with several options and keep your budget in mind as we do so.

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