Rural Home New Construction

Located in Kuna, Idaho

“Thanks to the crew from Owyhee, we were able to get our house finished quickly and professionally. They were kind enough to let me know how the build process would go and about how long it would take. They not only exceeded my expectations, but also have a satisfied customer who will talk them up at the local golf club."


We got called out to a house in Kuna, Idaho that was nearing completion. The customers were looking for roof contractors that had worked with their house developers and we were their number one choice. With thanks, we headed out to inspect the house and see what we were dealing with. Being out in a rural setting with very little protection from the elements would mean the house needed the best protection available. With that in mind we came up with a few plans for the customers to review and once decided upon, we completed the project in a single day.


Location: Kuna, Idaho
Date:May 25th, 2018
Type:New Construction

About Project:

The customer chose organic asphalt shingles over fiberglass to add extra protection against extremely cold winters and very hot summers. The lot provided ample room to move material around and we were able to complete the job in a quick time frame, only taking 10 hours to complete. The customers will enjoy long lasting protection for 20+ years thanks to their new organic asphalt roof installed by the professionals at Owyhee Roofing.